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We design and build truly unique, imaginative and spectacular furniture for residential and commercial applications.

Form and Function.

We thrive on designing new and innovative furniture that really make an impression. We like to think outside the box and put all of our know-how into each and every creation.

We consider form and function to be equally important, not only to create aesthetic appeal but to remain useable and practical. In fact, the more demanding the function, the more intriguing the challenge!

Materials play a key part in our creations, where each has it's own properties, characteristics and uses. However, we like to incorporate new materials and break the barriers of traditional practices and designs.

We feel the success of design lies in not only client satisfaction, but also in creating something truly individual and inspired.

Some of what we design.

  • Storage & Shelving.

  • Tables & Desks.

  • Seating of all varieties.

  • Lighting & Features.

  • Specialist Pieces.

Not only do we work on our own creations, we also work with clients who are looking for a design that they simply cannot find elsewhere!

As with all of our design services, our client centred approach, perfectionism and dedication are core throughout all of our work. Not to mention our imagination!

For more information or to discuss a project, please contact Greg Barrett.

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